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Description, Brochure Price
5' x 4' 1" Frame $49.50
5' x 6' 4" Frame $71.50

If what you want is not listed here, call 1-800-717-1338 for availability and pricing. Additional info in the brochure. Prices subject to change without notice.


ScrewjackCoupling PinCross Braces
Description, Brochure Price
Screw jacks with base plate $22.95
Coupling Pins $2.30
 Ladder 6'  $37.59
 Ladder Brackets  $19.95
 20" Side Brackets (tube type)  $22.30
 5' x 5' box  $57.59
 3' x 6' 7" frame  $58.95
 5' x 6' 7" Waco Frame  $72.50
7' x 4' Cross Braces   $21.50
Guard Rail Posts   $19.50

Prices subject to change without notice.


Minimum order 50 planks

Description, Brochure Price
9' Scaffold Plank, LVL. $29.50
12' Scaffold Plank, LVL. $35.95
 16' Scaffold Plank, LVL. $47.95

Prices subject to change without notice.

XL Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) is the superior alternative to solid sawn lumber. Engineered for strength, uniformity, and stability. LVL resists shrinking, warping, splitting, and checking. Our innovative lay-up process disperses the natural defects found in wood resulting in a stronger, more predictable product. By utilizing state of the art German press and process control technology we are able to control the heat and pressure to yield LVL that has consistent design properties with superior glue bonds.

Scaffold Plank every XL Scaffold Plank is individually proof loaded on the actual full span that will be used in the field. Sophisticated testing equipment collect the load and defection data - a licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.) then reviews this information to asure that each plank meets our strict safety standards.